Know before you begin:

  • All designs will be professionally set up for print once you're finished. Do not worry about text being perfectly aligned, spaced out or the black line being perfect ect.. The purpose of your mock-up is to show me your design, I will take care of the rest.
  • This is a brand new application I am testing out and the zoom tool is quite tricky, which can not be fixed until March.
  • Feel free to request a mock-up of your design if you do not want to use this app.


  1. You should see a 'customise' option under the 'buy it now' on my popular listings. Click this to begin and a canvas of a pre-made design will load.
  2. You can choose from a selection of pre-made designs that can then be edited. stage1
  3. Change the colour of the map by selecting 'Clipart and Images'. Simply click on your colour, which will add the map to the canvas.
  4. Selecting the text will automatically bring up the text editing section. Simply retype whatever you like! Note: My design texts are in capitals, please use capitals if you want the same. The small line is very tricky to highlight. You may ignore it completely and let me know where to put through e-mail.3
  5. Clicking back to 'Clipart and Images', you can select a white or red heart and drag it to your desired position. All hearts are a set size, so do not worry about making it to big or small, as long as I can tell where you want the heart to be. 4
  6. Now for the gold! Click on the map and select 'Image Editing' 5

  7. Ignore the 'filters' and click on the brush tool
  8. I change the colour to orange/gold but it doesn't really matter. The main point is to show your locations. Use the width tool adjust how much gold you want in certain locations. (Routes tend to be done with a gold pen, so don't worry about the thickness of routes).  There is the undo button at the top left of the map and press save once you're done. Note: The zoom button does not appear to work while painting, which can be frustrating. It is something I am aware of and trying to fix.
  9. Wait a few seconds and your edited map should load onto the canvas. Your masterpiece is now done! Make any necessary adjustments and then click PDF. This will generate your own PDF you can share with me or anyone else.

  • Website Users - Simply click 'add to cart' and the design should be attached to the order. If I don't have your mockup, I will be in touch and you can send over the PDF.

  • Etsy users - Please send me your PDF mockup via Etsy messaging

It would be great if you could type up the titles to me via checkout comments or e-mail, so I can simply paste your title when setting up for print. This way there is no mistakes. If you've made changes to coordinations or have tiny marks of gold, please let me know so I don't miss these little details :)