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Article: Hebridean Inspiration

Hebridean Inspiration

Hebridean Inspiration

Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
The hills of the Highlands for ever I love.

outer-hebrides-white-horsePhoto by Ian Lawson


Growing up in such a wild and breath-taking remote little island, it is inevitable that the majority of my inspiration is drawn directly from the Outer Hebrides.

You needn’t look far to be in awe. These chains of islands are steeped with history and pride from the people who cover the lands here.

A lesser known word comes to mind when trying to describe it; Cianalas (key-an-a-lus), a Scottish Gaelic word, meaning a sense of longing, or belonging to a place and is often attributed to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. 

It is this word that EJayDesign derives its core values. A simple outline of your home has the ability to give a sense of security in an instant.

A connection to a place you once knew, or perhaps you still do and wish to show with pride.

I want to take you on a journey around the Island to show you how its landscape and cultures may inspire you.

Beginning with strong winds and salty waves at the cliffs of Mangersta in Uig will certainly clear your head. To me, there is something very eerie standing on the cliff edge staring into the dark blue Atlantic, especially if you're at the abandoned military base. I think that's why the heavy watercolour textures suit Scotland so much, as, although beautiful, it's dramatic and uncontrollable.

Then there is the stunning Isle of Harris, with its famous Luskentrye Beach. I have yet to complete an entire walk of the beach as the weather has always had other plans. You will fall in love with its vast white sands, likely having it all to yourself. Of course nothing can beat a sunny day, but if it happens to be a dull one, the sands almost seem to light up like gold when contrasted against the moor covered mountains and dark sky.

Finally, you have the culture. From the stones to the tweed, it all holds a story and creates a feeling, something I try to replicate in each map. Colours are simple and uncomplicated, nothing demands attention. The story is held within a little mark of gold, showing pride to any visitor who catches its gleam.

From wild oceans thrashing pristine sands, moody skys carrying peaty smells, to the beautiful tweed patterns holding a story, you will never forget this part of the world.



All other images that are not © Ian Lawson's are taken by me.

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