EJayDesign is an online shop from the Hebridean Isle of Lewis, designed and owned by Eilidh Jamieson. (pronounced Ay-lee)



What makes EJayDesigns prints so special?

With each print, you may set your most cherished locations in glistening hand-painted gold, copper or silver, against intricate watercolour and pair with personal titles, for a truly bespoke piece of art.

This makes for a very unique addition to the home or highly personal gift.

How did this start?

Born and raised in the Outer Hebrides, I've always had a love/hate relationship with my quiet home. My desire to travel and live abroad taught me how lucky I am to have grown up in such a unique place.

Outer Hebrides Scotland Art Print

 The Outer Hebrides is an archipelago on the north west of Scotland. My island is the Isle of Lewis.

It all started in 2013. Working in a mining town called Mount Isa in the middle of the Australian desert. I was 19 and unsure of what to pursue in life and I missed my tiny island terribly. 

One day, I came across an online shop that could burn your country onto the cover of journals. I instantly fell in love.


Isle of Lewis 


The shipping price from the U.S to the Australian desert was more than the cost of the journal but it didn't matter. No one could put a price on home, and I needed this journal. I chose the Isle of Lewis and a heart on Stornoway. Every time I used it, I felt comforted that home would always be there.

I went on to study and work as a graphic designer back in Scotland until deciding to travel again.

Although most of 2019/20 was spent in the South of France, Scotland was never far from my mind. I remembered the feeling my journal gave me all those years ago and soon found myself designing images of a variety of Scottish islands as I wanted to create a piece of art that could remind an islander of their true home, no matter where they were in the world.'


From this, an unexpected business was born.


The knowledge that customers all over the world can be reminded about their roots, because of my maps, is a dream come true.


Each map is adorned with hand painted gold to your special locations, completed with a sprinkle of gold dust for added shine.



My products are printed on the finest paper with crafted design to create something very special. I believe in quality, care and designing unique items that anyone can cherish. 

Personalised fine art map prints - Dispatch unavailable for two months. Pre order only.


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