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EJayDesign is sending her island images to the other side of the world, to help portray a story set in the Outer Hebrides.

The hand-painted map was chosen as the design for an antipodean version of a new novel by best-selling author Freya North.

Freya’s new novel Little Wing is set between Camden in London, Colchester in Essex and the Outer Hebrides, and tells the story of a family across three generations.

It’s described as: “A novel about resilience, forgiveness and the true meaning of family, about finding one's place in the world and discovering how we all belong somewhere and to someone.”

It’s a bit of synchronicity that Eilidh’s distinctive map-making was born at a time when she was working as a barmaid in Australia, and has gone on to become a business with its roots firmly back in the islands of her birth.

Although the British version of the book (on pre-order here has a simple, graphic cover, the Australian and New Zealand version features a map of Lewis by Eilidh herself.

If you are in Australia, you can pre order here -

The book is due to be released in Jan 2022.
Please e-mail before the end of 2021 if you are interested in ordering the Australian cover as Eilidh plans to have a large shipment of Australian books to the UK.
Little wings Freya North book cover isle of lewis

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