Harris Gin Watercolour Illustration with Gold Flaked Label


Love Harris Gin? Get a piece of art that captures their beautiful bottle and adds an extra sparkle to your walls. 

This A4 size print has foiled gold inside the bottles label, just like the real version!

The intense gold shine is sure to impress anyone who sees it, while the beautiful illustration brings out all of its details in full colour.

This A4 size is printed on G.F Smith Colour Plan bright white, (slightly textures paper), with machine foiled gold and a laminate finish to protect the gold.

If you're looking for something bigger, the A3 size will be printed on giclèe fine art paper and embellished by hand in acrylic gold for an extra luxurious look, with no piece being the exact same.

Note: This is a print, not a bottle of Harris Gin ( I am honoured customers have actually mistaken this for the real thing! )

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