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ejaydesign Isle of Lewis scotland


a story about home


by Hebridean artist

eilidh jamieson

Born on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Eilidh Jamieson is not just an artist, but a storyteller of memories.

Inspired by her travels and with the soul of the islands rooted deeply within her, she has carved a niche art business; EJayDesign.



leaving the nest

Unsure of what to pursue in life, at 19 years old I took a gap year in Australia. I found myself working in the middle of the desert in a mining town called Mt Isa.


missing home

One day, I came across an online shop that could burn your country onto the cover of journals. I instantly fell in love.

The shipping price was more than the cost of the journal but it didn't matter. No one could put a price on home, and I needed this journal. I chose the Isle of Lewis and a heart on Stornoway. Every time I used it, I felt comforted that home would always be there.

scotland watercolour map


growing up

I went on to study in Glasgow and work as a graphic designer back in the Hebrides until deciding to travel again.

Nice France

late 2019

an unexpected business

I opened an Etsy shop without much thought. To my surprise, sales started to grow. 

Unfortunate and unrelated events forced me to leave my bar job, while Christmas sales started to pour in. Could selling my art become my full time job?

watercolour maps


covid won't stop me

When Covid-19 hit, I was sure my dream of full time work would not be possible. How wrong I was!

People had more time to shop online, and I was busier than ever.


ejaydesign is fully established

I invested in new products - mugs, stickers, tea towels and clothing. I reached out supplying shops. 

EJayDesign was all go. Nothing could stop me now!

ejaydesign Scottish artist


Edinburgh exhibition

This summer I held my first exhibition in the heart of Edinburgh, something I would never have imagined coming true and my biggest achievement. I hope it is the first of many.

EJaydesign outer hebrides art


dream achieved

April 2023, I am thrilled to say I have opened my own shop in the heart of my hometown, Stornoway. Please come visit!

copy of design guide

Have fun designing your own print here 

I will print and then hand-paint gold on your specific locations or routes.

Before you start, it is important to add the size of your map to your cart. (unless visiting from Etsy)


Know before you begin:

The is a 'help' button in the top tool bar should you get stuck.

The 'undo' button is at the top of the canvas.

The 'zoom' is at the bottom right.

The app will work best on laptop.


1. Choose between landscape or portrait.


2. Templates - Choose a pre-made template


Templates are pre-made layouts of what you may have seen in listing photos, where all you have to do is change the text and map.

You may skip this step if you wish to start with a blank canvas.

Browse through pre-made templates for the layout you want.

Click on 'all categories' to filter out landscape or portrait layouts.

It may be easier to simply 'search' for your layout. e.g 'couples', 'Scotland', 'Outer Hebrides'


3. Find your map


If you wish to change the map or remove all together, simply click on the map and press delete.

Search for the map you require in the search bar.

You can resize and add as many maps as you like.

Note: If you require Shetland, you must add it onto your template. (it will not automatically appear with the Scotland & UK maps)

4. - Change your text


Simply double click on the text you would like to change and type.

Fonts used in my designs are "Didot-regular"and "Lato-thin" but you may have fun experimenting with the 878+ fonts!

4. - Icons & Lines


You will find constellations, horoscopes, Celtic symbols, hearts and line dividers in this section.

Be aware, there is no search bar for shapes.

Change the colour of any shape by clicking the black circle at the top left of the canvas board.

Design tip - Changing your Celtic symbols to grey will be less harsh on the overall design.


Note - Dividing lines will appear on the canvas as squares. You will need to click on the sides and adjust accordingly.


5 - Use the drawing tool to show where you would like your gold highlights


Do not worry about being neat.

Your drawing lines will not be printed on the paper.

This is only to show me where I should physically apply the gold highlight once I print them.

6 - Remember to centre your text and maps


Using the position tool at the top right of the canvas, please make sure your text is centred if that is what your design requires.


You have now finished designing your print! 


Tip - clicking file - save to my designs - Will allow you to save multiple designs and easily refer back to each one.


Simply click add to cart and I will receive your order.

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