I am currently not taking personalised orders right now as I focus on opening a shop in Stornoway.

Only RatRace maps are available to purchase, with a lead time of 3 weeks.

Merchandise is still available and I aim to dispatch within 5 working days (normally around 3)

Frame not included.

How to order:

No Personalisation: There will be no hand-painted gold on the print. There will be no option for personal titles. The standard countries title will be included e.g 'Ireland', 'Scotland' ect..

A gold heart sticker will be included on the biodegradable cello bag. You may place this sticker over a location personal to you.


Personalised Title & Gold Embellishment: Using the information boxes available, please clearly describe exactly where you wish your gold highlight to be placed, your personal title and any other information on how you wish your print to look.

Multiple gold locations?  I kindly ask you to ‘show’ me an image of your chosen map with the locations you wish to be in gold clearly marked as I can not allocate time to researching more than three locations.

If you do not send over an image of a map with your locations marked, I will google the locations you have requested.

Be aware it is ESSENTIAL to provide the full and exact details you require to secure swift dispatch. This includes what you want for titles and if you would like any heart stickers.

Your print includes a choice of:

Red : White : Gold heart stickers: Describe, in the box provided exactly where on the map you wish them placed.

With your laptop, you can use my application to design your own print - https://ejaydesign.com/pages/design-your-own-print

It does not have to be perfect, just enough to communicate where you want your gold locations.


▶ Other Info ◀

A4, A3 and A2 sizes printed on 310gsm giclee fine art paper.

Sizes larger than A2 will be printed on non-rip cotton canvas material. This material mimics the slight textured feel watercolour paper has. This process may take longer.


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