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Article: Decorating My Home Town With Gigantic Maps!

Decorating My Home Town With Gigantic Maps!

Decorating My Home Town With Gigantic Maps!

I wanted to share the delightful experience of installing this massive watercolour map on the entrance wall of Sandwick Bay Candles, a cozy little shop in the heart of Stornoway.

watercolour map wall size vinyl ejaydesign

At first, I was a bit hesitant that I could finish the job, but I love a challenge! Luckily my past experience as a graphic designer had taught me how to set up such a large file ready to print and cut. I had also applied vinyl decal on cars before, so this was a walk in the park.

watercolor map of the outer hebrides

I started off by putting gold acrylic on the wall, just like how I do with my prints. It was pretty awesome to work on such a huge canvas. Usually, I finish up my paintings with a sprinkle of gold dust, but this time gravity wasn't on my side.

The dust wouldn't just fall on the wall like it does on paper. So, I had to go on a hunt for this big pipet thing. I used it to suck up the gold dust and then blew it onto the wall. It was a bit tricky, a lot of fun!


Next time you find yourself in Stornoway town, make sure to visit the Sandwick Bay candle shop and take a moment to explore my gigantic map.

Thank you Megan for inviting me to do this! Cheers to community, creativity, and the simple joys that make our hometowns truly special!


sandwick bay candles

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