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Article: An Lanntair Exhibition with Open Hebrides Studios

An Lanntair Exhibition with Open Hebrides Studios

An Lanntair Exhibition with Open Hebrides Studios

Last summer, I proudly displayed my latest work with Open Hebrides Studio in An Lanntair art gallery.

and I even sold an original!!

St Kilda Outer Hebrides Painting


Having enjoyed working, travelling and living abroad; the experience made me realise what a privilege it is to be born and raised in the stunning beauty of outer hebrides

The environment I took for granted as a child, evoked a desire to create art which could inspire nostalgia and a sense of ‘home’ to each individual.

My interpretation of the theme, 'Leave No Footprints', revolves around recognising the inherent beauty of nature and emphasising the surreal scenes found in the Hebrides and how it tends to imprint in our minds. It urges us to acknowledge our responsibility in preserving the pristine nature of the Hebridean landscapes.


acrylic painting of the Scottish hebrides by artist e jamieson

Echoes Of The Hebrides


Now available as prints! - Go to the 'golden beaches' section


Hebridean dream painting by Scottish artist Eilidh Jamieson

'Hebridean Dream', acrylic & mixed media on giclee, 2023

The originals are now displayed at Lews Castle. 

Open Hebrides Studio aims to promote local artists. From painters to sculptors, photographers to textile artists, which lead to a very interesting show.

I hope to complete some new work for island exhibitions this summer, experimenting with more mixed media and collages.


Uig painting of watercolour map by Eilidh Jamieson ejaydesign


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